Mod podge



Did you know you can preserve your GiftWrapMyFace paper forever? Transfer your design onto any wooden surface — like this little jewelry box from the craft store.


GiftWrapMyFace sheet: $7.99Jessica Van Sack: Materials: #GiftWrapMyFace sheet: $7.99 Wood heart box @acmoore: $2.99 #Modpodge: $5.00

Wood heart box from A.C. Moore: $2.99

Mod Podge: $5.00

How to:

1) Apply thin coat of Mod Podge with a paintbrush to the back of the paper and the wooden surface (for a heart shape, see our posting on how to wrap heart-shaped box here).

2) Wait 15 minutes.

3) Apply a thin top-coat of Mod Podge to your finished product. Wait a half hour in between coats, and apply multiple coats for a varnished look.


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