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Origami Hearts

Make beautiful origami hearts with our custom wrapping paper. How to:


Fun Bow

A fun bow makes an ordinary gift extraordinary!


V-day cards for kids

Our wrapping paper is perfect for children who want to give cute valentines to their classmates! What you need: Roll of custom gift wrap Thin ribbon Glue stick 4″x7″ index cards Hole puncher Small treats Step 1. Apply glue to the index card and stick it to the back side of the wrapping paper. Step 2. Cut out […]


Mod podge

Did you know you can preserve your GiftWrapMyFace paper forever? Transfer your design onto any wooden surface — like this little jewelry box from the craft store. Materials: GiftWrapMyFace sheet: $7.99Jessica Van Sack: Materials: #GiftWrapMyFace sheet: $7.99 Wood heart box @acmoore: $2.99 #Modpodge: $5.00 Wood heart box from A.C. Moore: $2.99 Mod Podge: $5.00 How to: […]


How to wrap a heart shaped box

Step 1. Place your heart box on the wrapping paper and roughly cut around the box, about 3 inches. Step 2. Using a scissor cut slits along the outer edge of the paper. Step 3. Fold in the slits and tape them to the box. Step 4. Trace your box on the paper and cut […]


Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Another Valentine’s Day, another bouquet of roses. But there’s one big difference this year: you can wrap the flowers in your face! Here’s a great example. We designed this in our trusty GWMF labs, and envisioned it as away for a husband to surprise his wife. She’ll be completely surprised and touched that dad took the time to wrap the […]