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Beach Day for Dad

Father’s Day is Sunday, June 21! Why not give dad a fun day at the beach with the following accoutrements: “Follow Me, Bring Beer” Flip-Flops from etsy. These metal-detecting sandals. A chilly beer cooler bag Hard-core sand diggers Of course, don’t forget to wrap these trinkets in paper from! Create your own design like the ones below 🙂


We’re on Etsy!

Our made-to-order Octonauts paper is now available on Etsy! We just had to share this gallery of images from a party that the co-founders of GiftWrapMyFace threw for their 3-year-old son. Check it out…


Make a heart envelope!

       We used an empty cereal box, but you can also use heavy card-stock or a brown paper shopping bag.   Carefully cut your heart. Fold the side edges in to meet in the center, and vertically fold in thirds. (We used a fold in the box to make that triangle on top. That makes it […]


Bag your face!

To turn your GWMF paper into a bag, just follow the steps on the right. Tape as you go along. Then, after you’ve gotten to the part where you place your object in the bag, crease the sides. Anyone who has ever had a brown-bag lunch knows what we mean here. Once it folds like a brown […]


Mod podge

Did you know you can preserve your GiftWrapMyFace paper forever? Transfer your design onto any wooden surface — like this little jewelry box from the craft store. Materials: GiftWrapMyFace sheet: $7.99Jessica Van Sack: Materials: #GiftWrapMyFace sheet: $7.99 Wood heart box @acmoore: $2.99 #Modpodge: $5.00 Wood heart box from A.C. Moore: $2.99 Mod Podge: $5.00 How to: […]